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Offering two different styles of Fun Green Screen Photo Entertainment.


Studio Style utilizes the expertise of a photographer to energize your guest to best pose them in the Green Screen back round they have chosen.


Booth Style utilizes the help of an in the booth assistant to lead the guest through the process in selecting the background menu, and assists in great photo captures.

Both programs offer the ultimate in guest interaction with a unlimited array digital background to create a branded image memorializing the event or party. Both styles are guarantee to please your attendees.


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A professional photographers will capture the guest’s image and combine it with a digital background in seconds , your guest will have  an instant lifetime keepsake photo.  This Studio Style branded photo will be available at our kiosk station with prints and the opportunity to email or text the images to themselves.  This process if very efficient and handles fast paced events and parties, plus it is staffed by an attendant to help expedite the process.


These custom designed and branded photos, kiosk services, and suitable props  build great brand image in just seconds.  In addition to the print images we often obtain specific information for further marketing aspects.


Contact us, we will elaborate the details beyond these brief highlights.




The Green Screen Photo Booth offers a bit more entertainment.  This automated system has some of features of a traditional Booth, however it is greatly elevated in its functions.  This Green Screen Booth often is accompanied with an attendant to inspire your guest to be very creative and interact with an array of preselects digital backgrounds, that they actually see themselves in.  We encourage the guest to change it up a little with each background and grab a different prop and post just before the next photo is taken.  This change of process is sure to engage your guests into some very fun photos moments.


Following the photo sequence, they can step over to the kiosk and receive a print of their choice.  Plus they can send each one of photos to themselves  to their email or text messaging address.  How cool is this?


Contact us for details that will maximize your next party or event.

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More Yet has several other fun interactive incentives to use at your party or event.  We have the following list of fun interactive programs for your guest and attendees.


Wanted Photo Booth printing a full size Wanted Poster suitable for framing:)

Interactive Dance Screen to tap into your music or dance programs.


Audio System adaptable to most events to accommodate your MC or DJ.


Lasers and Lights to jazz up your event.


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Watch How We Make Green Screens Liven Up Your Event!

The Ultimate Green Screen Photos

Imagine having a free souvenir from your event given to each and every visitor. With yellowpix of St. George, we can not only provide high quality, green screen photo booths, but we can put logos, sponsors, bride & groom names, all set to fun and unique backgrounds set to match your event.


Yellowpix provides a high quality photo booth or photo setup, for affordable and fun photo advertising and promotion. Check out our pages for Event Planners, Weddings, or Advertising/Promotions and learn more about what Yellowpix of St. George, Utah can do for your event.

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"Yellowpix got some of the best photos of the wedding. Great pix and great time with all the props."

Bride and Groom

"I have used Yellowpix at several events, and they always provide a great fun atmosphere for our guests, and they all go home with a perfect reminder of the fun they had with our logo right on the photo."